Kenya, Narok District, Narok. February 16, 2010

“I like school so much I hope to be a teacher one day”

For 15 year old school girl Caroline, receiving school meals gives her a chance to carry on and finish her studies. “I love school”, Caroline says. “I love it so much that one day I’d like to become a teacher.” But Caroline’s dream would be impossible if her parents didn’t have a good reason to send her to school. 

“My favourite food is our lunches of bulgar wheat and pulses”, says 15 year old Caroline. “It’s tasty and I just love it. If I didn’t receive meals at school I would probably have to stay home and help work on the land to provide food for my family”. 

Caroline’s day begins at 6.a.m when she gets up and makes tea for her mother, father and eight brothers and sisters. On her walk to school she collects water for the trees at her school, which the children look after collectively. 

Caroline and her brothers and sisters are all beneficiaries of WFP school meals. The WFP School Meals programme guarantees the children at least one meal a day, taking pressure off parents and encouraging school attendance. Caroline and her brothers and sisters can also concentrate on learning, rather than worrying where their next meal is coming from. 

School meals also help Caroline to have fun, “My favourite sport is netball and school meals mean that I have the energy to play, as well as concentrating in class”.

WFP/Rein Skullerud